Routine Maintenance

Sometimes you do not want the expense of a full service, but want the comfort of knowing you car is running in good condition. Our routine maintenance will give you that satisfaction and peace of mind.

Once we perform a routine maintenance service on your car, we will send you a reminder when the next one is due; we do the worrying to ensure you have happy motoring.


We use a full range of manufacturer diagnostic software, including Autologic – this enables us to deliver a dealer-level diagnostic solution for your car.

Autologic provides complete coverage of all the vehicle systems, and the software is continually improved and updated to enable us to handle any fault quickly and proficiently which means:

  • No more delays waiting for dealers’ workshop
  • No more costs for dealers’ services
  • Enhanced and more cost effect service level for our customers

You can visit Autologic Diagnostics’ website for more details by clicking:

Autologic Diagnostics

Software Updates

Remapping or having your engine chipped has become a popular upgrade for many car owners in recent years. At T&A, we carry out engine remaps on most vehicles and are fully conversant with any additional requirements to servicing that result from a remap.

Electrical Repair

Engine Malfunction:l1
Cause: All the modern cars can be now noticed with the all-in-one engine malfunction warning lamp. This is very helpful and should always be taken seriously because it cautions about the malfunction in your car’s engine. In some cases, it may automatically vanish after you turn off and restart the car within sometime (i.e. after engine management restarts). Although, it’s always recommended to get your vehicle thoroughly inspected at reliable workshop as soon as you come across this error, in order to prevent any unknown damage to the engine which will be enough to burn a hole in your pocket for repairs.
Safe to Drive? No. (Immediate check-up recommended)

Airbags Malfunction:l2
Cause: The airbags are soft balloons which automatically pop-out during an accident to cushion the occupants. They are indeed one of the greatest safety features one can have in their car but they might have an ill-effect when malfunctioned and / or used without seatbelts. It’s recommended to get the problem diagnosed soon.
Safe to Drive? Yes. (Check-up recommended)

Faulty ABS: l3
Cause: Anti-Lock Braking System is a safety device in your car which helps to prevent skidding in-case you decide to suddenly put on the brakes. Like previous two, this icon too has same appearance but mentions ‘ABS’ instead. You are safe to drive the car when the icon is lit but most likely, the ABS will not function anymore, that is why the first thing you must do is to reach at authorized workshop.
Safe to Drive? Yes (Immediate check-up recommended)

Glow Plug Warning / Engine Malfunction:l4
Cause: The glow plug is a coil spring like icon, which indicates that your car’s glow plugs are heating up for a cold start. Please make sure to wait for this lamp to dis-illuminate before fully turning on the ignition key.
Safe to Drive? No.

Engine Oil Level: l5
Cause: The oil level symbol is extremely important and should never be ignored because it tells about your car’s engine oil state. Please turn off your car immediately if you notice this icon lit while the car is running. Check the engine oil and pressure level, top-up when low but if not and icon still illuminates, seek for prompt assistance.
Safe to Drive? Yes (Immediate check-up recommended)

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